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This was the moment that made me start to pay more attention in Supernatural. Dean is so obviously conflicted during the whole scene; he doesn’t want to go against John, but his prime directive is to protect Sam, and to protect Sam he must go against John. This made me think of how many years he spend intermediating their conflicts like this. I feel especially proud of Dean every time he questions/disagree with John, because this is incredibly difficult to him; it takes a huge motivation to make him do it, and this motivation is usually Sam.

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I feel like ‘Thor: The Dark World” is a chance as an actor to find new depth, new dimension, new iterations of Loki’s psychology, of his physicality and his capacity for feeling. On one level he is an off- the-rails psychopathic agent of chaos, but on a human level, his psychology and his emotional landscape is very, very interesting because he’s so intelligent and yet so broken. This film is a chance to find where his capacity for heroism and his Machiavellian menace meet.” — Tom Hiddleston

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i love seeing girls close ranks when their fella is cheating, instead of defending him and attacking the other girls. like seriously. it warms my cold, cold heart so much. 

i need the rest of this story, where did you put the body

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